Friday, December 3, 2010


There are some quirky things about me that you might not know. I thought it might be fun to put them out there so you, too, could find me...well...unique. :)

1. I have a "thing" with socks. Some people obviously know this. I know they know because at any given moment I have no fewer than 4 text messages in my phone with pictures of my in-laws crazy socks. My "thing" is that they need to be fitted, tight, and straight. With no holes. It's weird. I can't help it. But every time they send me pics of their kids socks all twisted and mismatched, my blood pressure increases. For real. Strange...because I'm not usually a "particular" person.

2. I hate it when other people touch my dishwasher. I love to have people help me clean up, but it makes my heart race when somebody else loads my dishwasher and I have to close the door and start it. The bowls on the top?!? WHAT?!? Again...weird.

3. I have near panic attacks if I walk in my kitchen and a cupboard door is left open. Even a crack. I can't close it quick enough.

4. Towels and blankets need to be folded a certain way. MY way. If they aren't folded MY way, I will unfold them and do it MY way.

5. I never used to make my bed. Except for right before I climbed in it. I never felt like I had time in the morning. Not a priority. BUT I cannot stand climbing into a bed with messed up sheets and blankets. So I ALWAYS make it right before I climb in. Even if Paul's already in bed, I will make it OVER him. (but i'm on a roll these days...making my bed everyday. for the past month! it's a record!)

6. I like to brush my teeth with warm water. Don't ask. I have no idea.

7. If there is just a little milk left in the gallon and I'm all alone, I'll drink it right out of the jug. Like a teenage boy. Strange.

8. I HAVE to have my underwear folded. And of course, my socks, too. Laundry is not done until the underwear are folded.

9. It pains me to see black and brown worn together. Which is now becoming more popular. So I'm trying to be ok with it. But it's hard!

I never knew all these things were quirky, but as the years go on, people have started telling me. And I always think it's kind of fun to hear these things about people. I don't know what it actually says about a human being, because honestly, if I read these things about someone else, I might think they are super anal. And I am far far far from anal. So I just think it's fun little tid bits. Maybe you can analyze me through my quirks. I don't know. Do you have any funny quirky things in your life? You know you do. Share!


jody said...

nope. no quirky things here. just you.

Courtney said...

that was fun!

Tisha said...

Dear Cassie, I have 3 little letters for you....
O. C. D.

I have no wooden spoons in my kitchen because I CAN NOT STAND the feel of wet, unfinished, wood.

Can't get into my kids' blanket forts either. And, I feel the (barely) irrestistible urge to scream and start repeatedly hitting myself on the head on airplanes. *Mildly clausterphobic*

I happen to adore quirky.

Cassie said...


tisha...takes one to know one! :)

Beckysblog said...

Cassie...people with your personality do not
a. fold underwear
b. redo the folding of towels
c. close cupboard doors
and most of the other items....I find this very strange and feel like after 20 years...I hardly know you.

So come back and visit so I can get to know you.

Tisha, I agree...I HATE blanket forts. Hate. And I could never fly again and be perfectly happy.

Cassie said...

i am a very complex woman.
this should not surprise you.

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

toilet paper has to have the end over the top...or i change it! Oh and i count stairs like mom! sucks but true! Your brother, Stew!

Lisa Borglum said...

I never knew it was weird until you told me, but as you know... I never wash bath towels with dish towels. Folding underwear...that's just weird but apparently everyone does except for me.

Cassie said...

oooooo chris! GOOD one! me too! not the steps...the TP.'re a freak.
ayla is sick but functioning. not puking. i think it's something different.

Kerry said...

All those behaviors seem perfectly normal to me. Probably because I've always done them.

I don't count steps, but I do count vowels and consonants, even and odd numbers. I like for there to be even numbers of whatever I'm counting.

I have to say that having kids and teaching in a pre-k room has forced me to tone it WAY down though.

Amy said...

Always brush my teeth with warm water. My husband thinks it's crazy. But I'm glad to know I'm not alone!

Tisha said...

Haha! Your comments are SO FUN to read!! We're ALL a bunch of *quirky* freaks! Except Jody of course...

Anonymous said...

thought of u today when i saw the commercial for Hanes Socks. The dad putting the casts on his kids feet so that his socks STAY ON AND DON'T MOVE!? It was his way of fixin' it. Always thought that was a funny one but today i thought it was especially funny and will always think of u from now on!! LOVE IT! BTW-No quirks here, none! Lots of love, dg