Monday, December 27, 2010

I realize my posts have been a little "dreamy"

but is DREAMY out there.
a couple pics from a few minutes ago...

and this is our road.
our house is on the left behind that dark brown fence.
and our neighborhood looks insanely beautiful.
i. am. in. love.

and inside?

we are still in our pajamas.
it's warm in here.
and beautiful outside.
my dreaminess will wear off soon, i'm sure.
but for now...i'm enjoying it.
so just humor me.
or ignore me.
or whatever works for you.
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Kari said...

It really is beautiful, Cassie. I have to say I'm quite jealous right now. I miss snow!!!

Courtney said...

i like the dreamy :-) and i'm so glad you posted a pic of the fire!

Holly said...

we are having that same kind of dreamy season here...
I am relishing doesn't exactly dole these out ya know!