Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Stroll

Last night was our local holiday stroll.
Lani sang downtown with the first graders from Franklin School.
They did great!
It was the most fun kids program I've ever been to.
They were adorable and Lani belted out the words.

She loves to sing and really gets into it.
You can see she means it in the pictures.

They did five songs and were so enthusiastic and cute.
Just look at them...

Then they did a song called "Move Move Freeze"
It really wasn't a song seeing as the only words were MOVE and FREEZE.
But every single kids up there loved it....
except Lani.

I mean seriously.
Look at those kids.
They were jumping and making funny faces and being WILD.
Lani seriously just stood there and moved a little bit at the neck.
It was hilarious.
I think I was moving more out in the audience.
I asked her today whey she wasn't moving and jumping.
She said, "I didn't like that one. I just like to sing."
Who is this girl and where did she come from?
I love her.
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Beckysblog said...

Reminds me of Avery...

Tisha said...

The boy with the tie on the end has got MOVES!!! Just like my boys. ☺

Cassie said...

i was DYING at that last photo. he was all over the place. hilarious. lani's opposite.

Nana B said...

Lani is her Nana B's girl...that's where she came from :)