Monday, December 20, 2010

oh Smartwool sock...where have you been all my life??

i love my mother-in-law.
she understands my sock concerns and validates them.
and she buys me AMAZING (albeit a bit expensive) socks for my birthday.
socks that are fitted and tight and will probably last for years without getting holes in them.
they are
Smartwool socks.
and i. am. in. love.
they have changed my life.
if you are looking for an awesome sock, may i suggest these?
and you might be able find them cheaper on a different site. i just wanted you to be able to read about them.
awesome, i tell you. awesome.
kind of like my mother-in-law! :)


Sarah Guild said...

I have a love affair with these socks. I have four pair and I hand wash them if necessary to insure their availability for wear. I have yet to find them cheaper than $15-$18/pair. Let me know if you do :+)

Cassie said...

my mother in law bought me 2 pair. best gift ever. :) but now i need 5 more to get me through a full week.

Lisa Borglum said... I want some.

Holly said...

how funny. I JUST bought a pair of these for running the other day!