Thursday, December 30, 2010


lots still going on around here.
we have company and are trying to soak up all of chris, brenda, bode and boone that we can. they leave sunday.
snow is quickly melting. they are talking 53 degrees tomorrow. so the beautiful trees are disappearing as i type.
it's just kind of wet. and brown. not nearly so dreamy.
so it was sledding yesterday and we are going bowling today. i'm happy with both. :)
(i tend to live in the exact moment...sometimes good...sometimes not. but it's who i am.)
we are having our stewart-side christmas tonight. the kids are busting at the seams with anticipation.
paul has THREE inspections this week. kind of "yay!" and kind of "ugh!". he's been busy and tired. but today is his "friday", so he's pretty excited to close out this week. and the year. :)
i haven't taken any pictures. i'm so mad. my grandpa was here and i did not get a single picture of him with the kids. so frustrated with myself about this!
that's about it for today.
off to kick some butt in bowling.
is it really almost 2011?!?!


Lisa Borglum said...

Sounds like fun!! It feels like forever since we were together last! We might just come crash the Stewart Christmas :)
We were planning to take the girls bowling New Years Eve but now Tony is going to be on a trip... I might just have to take them myself :)
Miss you guys!!!

Courtney said...

i am NOT a live in the moment girl. it's my goal for 2011. how do you do it? any tips?

Holly said...

go kick it girl!

Beckysblog said...

Love that new header!!!!

Holly said...

i love your new look