Monday, December 20, 2010

busy busy

i've been busy since thursday night.
(well...a lot of the "busyness" was actually just "having fun", but that still counts!)
slept better last night than i have in like a year. it was awesome.
it's monday, so that means bread and granola and tortillas if i have time.
just pulled the granola out of the oven...smells awesome.
bread it rising and meat is thawing to get thrown in the crock pot.
we need to make a bank/grocery store run when the bread is done.
apparently there is an ice/snow storm arriving this evening.
i want to be prepared.

i have pics from the weekend, but haven't downloaded them yet.
we had fun company last night and i got to snuggle with a sweet "little" baby boy.
it was fun!

back to work. really...there are only 3 days till christmas eve. lots to do!!

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