Friday, December 10, 2010


we all know how i love me a good friday.
this is the first i've been on the computer today.
was supposed to sub in the AM. on the way to that, they called and asked if i'd do another school in the PM.
so it ended up being all day.
ran into friends/teacher and chatted for a good 30 minutes AFTER school.
flew in to swoop up ayla and get home by 4:30.
egg sandwiches for supper.
change clothes.
do hair.
get to christmas concert by 6:00.
home by 8:30.
lani is sick....snoring in bed. snoring LOUD.
it's a cold.
i feel it in my chest, too.
busy busy day...but good.
and now, i'm going to focus on my husband.
no time for this silly big green machine. (my computer is lime green. :))
paul's christmas party tomorrow.
piano concert at a nursing home on sunday.
it's neverending.
but i do love it.

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Candi said...

SO happy I went to the kids program... they were ALL 3 so delightful... do they have the tiniest clue how much I LOVE them.... :) ?!!