Thursday, December 2, 2010


Sent Lani to school.
She said she still had a little stomach ache, but she hadn't thrown up in over 24 hours, had no fever and had eaten 2 full meals and kept them down.
I sent a note and asked her teacher to keep an eye on her. Hoping she gets through the day.

Primed Brigg's room last night. One spot had sheetrock that had peeled when Brigg pulled the wallpaper off. I tried to prime over it and this morning I went in his room to find it all cracked and peeling. Why can't a project just be quick and easy? Paul said, "I'll probably have to rip out that piece of sheet rock and replace it. And I'll probably pull it off and find mold behind the sheet rock. Then I'll probably pull the insulation out and find a huge crack in the foundation and have to replace the whole front of the house. Because that's just how it works for me."
That will probably happen.

Tate is coming this afternoon and staying the night while my sister is lounging around in sunny florida...responsibility free. Poor Tate gets to be part of a crazy Burback Thursday. He doesn't talk much when he's here. I think he's just shocked at everything that's going on around him. Not quite the "only child" lifestyle he's used to!

Better get busy. Lots to get done today! Is it the weekend yet?


Courtney said...

we're getting there, cassie! i'm sure this has felt like 2 (or 3) weeks for you!

Candi said...

Praying Tate does just fine staying at your place tonight. Is there snow on it's way?! Jennie said she heard that it could be... oh dear! NOT happy about coming home to snow but I am thankful for this time away from the cold as much as I can! :) Post some pics please... I need a fix!!!!!