Tuesday, December 21, 2010

good night world....

i'm beat.
i think i'm done shopping.
but then again, i thought i was done like 2 weeks ago. things keep popping up.
last day of school tomorrow.
i made a million cookies for lani's party and for paul's work.
he also has thursday and friday off.
i'm helping out in lani's room tomorrow afternoon for her party.
i love doing that stuff.
thursday morning paul is staying home with the kids and i get to meet amy for coffee.
strange how excited i am to have coffee with a friend with no children.
it will be nice.
feeling quite sentimental tonight. missing all the people i won't get to see over christmas that i love.
i think i'm overly tired.
or it could be the spiked eggnog.
either way, i'm done.
going to call it a night right now.
good night world....


amy smith said...

love you much.
totally get what you feel.
looking forward to coffee in the morning.

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Eggnogg and blackberry brandy? I'm coming!