Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great morning...

woke up and took willow out around 7am. it was unseasonably warm.
almost weird.
brigg was the only one up in the house, so i asked him if he wanted to go on a walk with willow and i before the rain/cold front came through.
he hopped up and was ready to go.
i did inform him there would be NO moseying (sp?). we were out to exercise and get the dog exercised.
so we hit the road.
and it was a great walk.
we chatted and laughed and walked. ran into a neighbor and her dogs.
just relaxing and awesome.
when we got home brigg was scurrying around to help me with everything....emptying the dishwasher, making breakfast, picking up.
he's so old. and tall. and sometimes i forget that those one-on-one times are still SO important to him.
he was a different child for that hour after we got home.
i need to remember to make time. for each one of them individually.
i have to remember.
(and as we approached our house the rain started coming down hard. and by tomorrow it's a high of nine. yes. NINE.)


Holly said...

I LOVE seeing little perks in my kids like that!

Candi said...

Brigg you are one great kid, no doubt about that!! Love you buddy!!! :)