Monday, December 13, 2010

i have a love/hate relationship with monday...

i've always hated mondays. i love the weekends and monday meant it was over.
but as i get older and have more children...i'm starting to have moments of loving it.
it's kinda of like a new start every week.
i get the kids off to school. paul heads to work. and i take a deep breath.
i can get things picked up. plan my meals for the week.
throw in a load of laundry.
start fresh.
by sunday night we are kind of all losing it. no structure. later bedtimes.
it's just kind of crazy.
so it's monday.
and i'm making my list.
chicken and noodles for supper.
i made bread and homemade noodles yesterday.
ayla and i are going to work on decorating some christmas wrap.
laundry is going...i have 3 loads today because i did none over the weekend.
and i'm breathing a little easier as things start to get back on track.
but seriously...i still kind of hate it. i AM more of a weekend kind of girl. :)
trying to find the balance.


Sarah Guild said...

Two things:
1. I'm not in the Monday fan club, either. Still. No one leaves on Mondays for me except the hubby so we're at the same work level and noise level without any of the loving help.

2. BIG fan of the Adventure Project and think that "coal" should be in Target yesterday. Such much wasted money on c.r.a.p. there when $20 could buy so much, and people could just pick it up. Can't wait for that as it seems your friends are great social entrepreneur types. Thanks for sharing and most of the family is getting some coal this year :+)

Cassie said...

thanks sarah! i just received my coal today. the boxes are awesome!! so cute! can't wait for you to get yours!!