Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, Mom!!

It was a great night.
Drinks, dinner, dessert and fun.
And how is it that my mom is only 40?
Weird...since I'm 33. :)
Happy birthday, Mom.
Love you....
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Candi said...

It was a great day and EVENING. Surrounded by 4 of my grandkids and 2 of my adult kids and Larry... sure would have been better with Chris's here too :( but for all we had, I am truly grateful!! Thanks for my gifts and all the special touches & trouble you went through to make my day such a blessing. : ) I had a fun fun time. Love you guys!!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Candi!! You do look so young and beautiful! What a great picture of everyone. I am sure you all had a great time together as usual and as usual, I am sorry I missed it :(
Happy, Happy Birthday to such a wonderful, amazing person!
Love you!

KP said...

Happy Birthday Candi! That is such a good picture of you! You do look about 40!