Monday, December 6, 2010

around the house...

i've been stuck in the house forever.
i've gotten out like twice in the past week.
and one of those times was to go to the doctor.
i've baked bread...

had my nephew for a night.
a night in which they played and played and played with the kitchen paul made.
and all accessories that go with the kitchen paul made.
and i laid on the floor and took photos of the mess...

and the children knew i was so frazzled that they asked for a soda.
i said "of course you can have a soda! it's GOOD for you! while you're at it...get ME a soda!"
and then i took a photo of them drinking their soda.
while i was laying (lying?) on the ground.

the good thing about being stuck in the house?
i'm finally getting around to hanging our stuff.
i needed a change of scenery.
and quite obviously we also need a change of paint color from that light salmon on the walls.
maybe tomorrow.

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Jennie Peakin said...

Well I know that mess had NOTHING to do with Tate. He's totally organiized and orderly with his toys.

Holly said...

I forget...have you posted your bread recipe before?
I know it's your grandma's but if you have posted it, can you tell me where it is?? If not, can you post it?

Holly said...

and that's all I got from that post (apparently I'm hungry!)

Allison said...
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Allison said...

Oh my gosh Cassie! I can totally relate to you 100% right now! I would give anything to get out of the house right now - BY MYSELF! Your bread looks amazing!