Monday, December 13, 2010

kind of irritating...

i ordered a wall decal for brigg's room from amazon.
it was one of those big ones made by
it's super fun and brigg loves it.
if you are in the market for one, i got mine MUCH cheaper through amazon.
seriously...the decal came rolled in this long tube. probably about 4-ft long. put it in a box to ship. and i'm not kidding, the box was 4-ftx4-ft.
a GIGANTIC square.
about 3 sqare feet of wasted space.
totally irritating.
then they stuffed the rest of the space was yards and yards and yards and yards of this brown paper.
i about died when i started pulling it out.

i would guess at least 100 ft. i am NOT kidding.
why would they do that?
it makes no sense to me.
anyway...i couldn't bare to throw it away.
enter in repurposed wrapping paper and craft activity for the day.
ayla and i worked on it forever and didnt even get halfway through it all.

she fully enjoyed every second of it.
and a couple funny things she said:

AYLA: "Mom, can you hand me a tissue?"
ME: "Sure. Why do you need it?"
AYLA: (wearing her blue Cinderella dress) "Because princesses don't PICK their nose. They BLOW their nose."
( least she knows princess etiquette!)

AYLA: "Mom, what are we having for lunch?"
ME: "What do you want for lunch?"
AYLA: "Cham Clowder! Cham Clowder is my favorite!"
too cute.
Love her to pieces.
She makes my days so fun!
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Beckysblog said...

ok, that post was awesome. love you both