Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've had a couple people ask how she's doing.
I'd have to say "good".
She is growing like a weed.
I tried to get a few pics of her in relationship to the kids so you can get an idea of her size.

She's a puppy.
And puppies are like babies.
Cute...but lots of work.

She is doing great with pooping outside.
Has not had one poop accident inside since the day after we brought her home.
So that is good.

We are still working on pee issues.
She will go every single time we take her out, but she will also go inside if we don't watch her like a hawk the whole time she's out of her kennel.
We contacted the breeder for some advice and she's been doing great the past couple days since we have started to use some new techniques.
She sleeps in her kennel and she doesn't go potty in her kennel, so that's good, too.

She is cute.
And soft and loveable.
We love to hang out with her after the kids are in bed.
She's much calmer then.
The kids kind of make her wild.
She's doing great on a leash.
Brigg and Lani walk her every day and she's perfect for them.
She will "sit" and "come" and "shake" on command.
So she's doing well.
And we love her so much.
And she fits in great with her potty issues. :)
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Tisha said...

:) funny last sentence.
I guess it's final. My *next* daughter's name will not be Willow. Because that's just weird to name a child after an animal. Nevermind the fact that we know several Onyx dogs...and a Strider horse...But that was AFTER the fact.....
Anyway, my husband says it's still ok to use the name because you and I don't *technicallly* (((know))) eachother. Whatever! He just doesn't get the whole blog-friends-ARE-real-friends concept. How could he? He has no blog friends!
You have a beautiful Willow baby.

I hope one day to have a baby as sweet as yours. Only much less furry. :)