Monday, July 5, 2010

deep breath....deep breath...deep breath

so the landers are moving tomorrow.
and i'm sorry, but it totally SuCkS.
kinda want to scream.
and cry.
and puke.
today and tomorrow will be dedicated to helping them with their finishing touches.
packing, cleaning, NoT crying and such.
did i mention it SUcKs?
it does.
i just sent paul to their house to help with some moving of furniture.
andy has a couple broken ribs. (can you believe that!?! what timing...)
paul has the day off, so it worked out well.
and bless paul's heart for dealing with me these past couple of weeks.
for real.
i am not fun at all. and he totally understands.
so that's great.
i can remain in denial for only 24 more hours and then i may lose it.
(although i'm pretty sure my husband would tell you i have already lost it.)
so i am deep breathing. reminding myself to deep breathe...every few seconds or so.
because goodbyes SUCK.
and this is no exception.
once we get past the actually driving away, it will be better.
but the next 24 hours are not going to be fun.
not at all.
so that's where i'm at right now.
and it's overcast and rainy.
suits my mood just fine.


Amy said...

So sorry, friend. Thinking of you.

Eric and Pam said...

praying for you. i know the hurt you are feeling. yuck. love you.