Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not necessarily good parenting 101

(lots of lessons today on this blog!)

I was in the shower.
Hoping for 5 minutes of peace.
No such luck.
I hear the doors slamming and then Lani is in the bathroom.

Lani: (in a whiny voice) "Moooooommmm...Brigg said I'm annoying and he's not."
Me: "Seriously, Lani? Are you for real?"
Lani: "Really mom! He said I was annoying and he's NOT!"
Me: "You march right back in the living and tell him mommy said you are both equally annoying. Thank you."

See...this is why it's not called "Good Parenting 101"

But really. We are fighting about this?


Amy said...

This exact conversation could have taken place at my house. :)

Beckysblog said...

i see nothing wrong with that conversation.

Holly said...

I'm not seeing what's wrong either ;-)

Naomi said...

We should all get our kids together and have an annoying contest!!!!!