Thursday, July 15, 2010

life update...

yesterday and today have been good days for willow! no accidents at all. sorry, but that is super exciting for me. we may conquer potty training yet!

tuesday i was tired. like super super tired. it was about 3:00 and i had just gotten ayla down. i looked at the big kids and said, "i have to close my eyes for 20 minutes. brigg, wake me up at 3:30. i never nap. never. i had literally just laid my head down on the couch and felt my body relax. i was soooo happy. and the phone rang. "Cassie, could you be ready to show your house in a half hour?"


that has never happened over the course of 17 months. i've always gotten 24 hour notice. was i ready? bbbaaaaahhhhahhhaaaahhhaaa.
a big fat NO.
but these people had looked at our house twice already. they are very interested. we just did a price reduction. so i asked for one hour.
if you had seen my house after a weekend away and then just unpacking right in the kitchen followed by a sleepover for brigg, you would have had heart failure at the idea of a showing.
but ayla had just been put down and lani was an AMAZING help. seriously. cray-zy awesome help. could not have done it without her.
so we had the showing.
i was sweating when i walked out the door.
(not to mention nearly crying.)

the feedback was that the showing went great....but they need to sell their house.
we know that doesn't just happen in a week.
so we are still at square one.
life goes on.

heading to the pool today.
heat index of 119 yesterday and it's hot today, too.
we must be in water if we are outside.

kids have been munching on snap peas and cantaloupe from the market. yum.
i need to bake some bread, but can't seem to do it in this weather. i bought my first loaf of bread in about 6 months this week...and it kinda tasted yucky after months of homemade.

really, we are just obsessed with selling this house. reducing the price, getting rid of it, moving on. that's the goal. we do not want to sit on it again through another winter. but the market is insanely terrible here.
that's it.
i'm going to the pool.
wish they sold margaritas there...


Courtney said...

have you made/tried meg's recipe for margarita's? i made them over july 4th weekend and they were AMAZING!

Beckysblog said...

You know they should.