Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our lucky baseball lover.

The MLB All-Star game fell on Brigg's birthday.
Not sure many things could have made this 9 year-old happier.
He requested Buffalo Wild Wings and even tried a tiny bit of the "Blazin'" sauce for a treat...

I brought store-bought cheesecake and mom bought a "9" candle.
And no, I did not bake him a single cake this year.
It was awesome.

He got some fun calls.
Here he is listening to a singing message from my brother and his family...

And finally, his birthday tickle torture.
It's required by Paul.
NOT me.
I am NOT a fan of tickle torture.
I despise it with all of my being.
And yes, EVEN I get a tickle torture on my birthday.
It's sick and wrong.
And one day it could be the last straw in this marriage....

For some reason the kids kind of think it's funny.
They are weird.
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hotflawedmama said...

I'm going to second you on the tickle torture thing. I HATE it. Why, oh why, do they still do it? One of these times I'm just going to pee, then maybe it'll stop? Or maybe I'll just be stuck cleaning up my own pee? Ugh, hate tickling.

But the birthday boy looks so happy! Good job momma!

Amy said...

Maybe it's a mom thing?? I HATE tickling, too. My hubby still does not seem to comprehend that fact, though. Yes, the kids laugh and love it. No, I do not!!