Wednesday, July 14, 2010


it's kind of become a tradition to have a decorated chair and a donut cake for the birthday child on their actual birthday.
i try to have it all ready as soon as they get up and walk in the kitchen.
so the kids are still puffy-eyed and groggy.

lani and ayla got up with me this year to help get things ready.
they were so proud of themselves.
lani made the sign in the back the night before and we hung it after brigg was in bed.
it was so sweet.
i wrote..."Brigg is 9" and lani decorated the "9" with paint.
then in her own handwriting she wrote, "I love you Brigg".

we sang. this was the 3rd time singing happy birthday, so ayla was getting the hand of it by now.
and then brigg blew out his candles. and ayla helped. :)

Brigg has been DYING for MLB 2010 for his playstation2.
i kept telling him no. it was too expensive to just buy for no reason.
we had been talking about what he would buy if he won 3 million dollars.
for real.
3 million.
and you know what he said, "MLB 2010".
guess he plans on investing the rest.
anyway, that's what lani wanted to give him.
and by the look on his face in this picture, you would THINK he just won the 3 million...

he also got a basketball hoop for outside.
that's it from us.
he was so so happy though.
and he chose to spend the night at my sister's house with lani last night.
so while they were gone paul set up his hoop.
he's going to be so excited when he sees it today!
a few more pics to come. we did have one more celebration last night at buffalo wild wings.
love him so much....
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Candi said...

He already has WAY more than 3 million dollars could do for him... way more!! ;-) Such a kid... we all love him so!! : )

amy smith said...

and that picture of brigg opening the game literally made me cry.. i love you all

Beckysblog said...

on my next birthday I am coming to your house so I can have that entire plate of donuts!