Monday, July 12, 2010

And while we are talking birthdays...

Friday was Bode's birthday.
He's FIVE!
Going to Kindergarten in the fall.
Seems like yesterday we were rushing to Des Moines to be there for his delivery.
Like yesterday.

And now he's 5.
And he's a big brother.
And my brother has 2 boys!
It's crazy.
But aren't they an adorable family??
Missing them tonight...
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Holly said...

that did look like an awesome weekend/trip/time!

Candi said...

Oh yes... Bode, you are growing way too fast... just like the others! It is an amazing time to have so many grand children and watch them grow into the darling little people they are becoming. Slow down though.... please. : )Feeling very blessed... love them all so much!! Sigh!!