Thursday, July 1, 2010

The next few days

are going to be crazy.
brigg has practice tonight and a game tomorrow.
paul is helping pour a concrete pad tomorrow.
donna is coming for brigg's game.
we are still trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with the landers.
we are going to a party on saturday night.
we are considering heading to a local winery on saturday for a picnic and wine tasting.
has anyone ever been to ardon creek's tasting room?
paul is in the 4th of july parade on sunday.
oh...and we have this puppy we are trying to train. :)
(which, by the way, i am clueless on how to train a puppy.)
paul ripped out our bath tub upstairs last week and we have the new tub just sitting in our bedroom, waiting to be installed...if we can ever find the time.
plus, paul wants to get some study time in to get certified in pest inspections.
for real...i could go on and on.
i'm fully aware of my limitations and my priorities. and right or wrong, i'm thinking the productive things will get moved to the back burner and we'll end up putting the fun things the top of our list. then i'll be so frustrated come tuesday when my house is trashed and we've accomplished nothing around here.
oh well.
i'm ready for the weekend no matter what it holds!

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