Sunday, July 18, 2010

The losers' winners

I think this is so cute.
Yesterday we played 3 games in steamy hot weather.
We lost every single one.
Did I mention it was hot?
And that we lost all three games?
It was and we did.
Anyway, the top 11 teams played in a bracket today and the rules said the bottom 4 teams would be playing in the "losers bracket".
Because we lost all our games, we were destined to be in the "losers bracket".
2 games played today and both were won.
The boys were so excited!
One boy was yelling "We WON! Party at my house at 10 o'clock tonight!!!" (we don't win a lot. clearly.)
Another boy replied with, "Yeah, but we won the loser's bracket."
I was thinking about it tonight though. And I kind of think they would have rather WON the losers bracket, than gotten 4th or 8th or 11th in the "winners bracket".
Baseball is over. They won their last 2 games and it was a great day.
The improvement was pretty amazing from their first game and their last game.
And I think the true sign of a successful season is that the boys didn't want it to end.
So thankful for a couple awesome coaches who really just want to build on these boys' love of baseball.
No more activities the rest of the summer.
Just a much-anticipated trip to the Ozarks.


Lisa Borglum said...

This story reminds me of something that would be written in "Grace Based Parenting". I am sure Brigg did great and he has plenty of years of winning ahead of him.

Candi said...

Yes, it was a great day for them and at least Brigg knows the love & acceptance of his family in spite of being in the losers bracket. He could not have been happier and I could not have felt more blessed being a small part of the awesome day.... What a blessing it was to share in your family's time and the whole game of baseball as well. Brigg is one special little baseball player no doubt and lucky to have great coaches and a fun season over all!! LOVE you BUDDY!! :)
Nana : )

Heather said...

sad I missed it! two kids playing on opposite sides of the state was not fun. i missed seeing the boys and greg missed seeing colby at her best tournament ever!! she hit amazing and they went to championship game. so hard to not be there for one of them!! did anyone take pics?