Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a word i used often

i used it all the time on this blog.
i have tried to find a new one, but this one fits the bill most of the time.
and when i feel overwhelmed, often times i just freeze.
there's too much to do, so i think i'll just do nothing.
that's what i FEEL like doing today.
but the world keeps spinning and life keeps moving forward, so must i.
decluttering is the task for the day.
trust me, that is an OVERWHELMING task around here.
there you have it.
yet another pointless post by cassie.


Trish said...

We all feel that way @ times.
I was a stay @ home mama for 5 yrs.
so I understand. Now I'm a working mama, guess what, it's hard no matter what. Being a mama is the hardest job there is. Just remember your shaping those little minds good or bad. You must be doing a great job, you have great kids!

Eric and Pam said...

ugh. i'm feeling your pain.