Thursday, January 29, 2009

breathe in....breathe out

just got off the phone with our realtor.
she is coming tonight with paperwork in hand for us to sign to get this house listed.
i've said it before and i'll say it again...we really do love this house.
we have put all of our blood, sweat and tears into making it our home over the past 5 years.
and i am beginning to panic.
our realtor asked if we wanted the papers dated today so we could get the sign in the yard and get it online tomorrow.
i answered with a very quick, "NO!"
it is difficult to make a 100 year old home look just right.
there is 100 years of wear and tear.
and then there are the 3 children running around my feet as i try to get things prepared.
the kids and i are leaving town tomorrow night to leave paul so he can get some final projects finished up in peace.
then it will be posted online first thing on Monday morning.
so i keep reminding myself to breathe in...and breathe out.
it will be fine.


Heather said...

Know that feeling all too well. You can't make an old home look new and perfect. It just doesn't happen. Not only that it takes away from it. Older homes always have bumps and bruises--I prefer to call it 'character'. 'Old house' people understand. They get it. Don't worry, someone will LOVE it! They will have vision beyond kids toys and imperfections. I don't think you'll have a hard sell--best of luck!!

Eric and Pam said...

it will awesome!! it already looked fabulous last weekend.

praying for you...

Sara said...

I'm sure your home looks great! The challenge for me has been to keep it ready or get it ready for showings with a toddler, a dryer that didn't work for a while (laundry piled up,) busyness, etc.etc. We just keep reminding ourselves that it will happen at just the right time with just the right buyers. God knows that your motives for wanting to sell are to honor him, by freeing up resources to serve Him. I think He's going to make it happen fast for you!