Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ayla at 14 months

I wanted to get some things written down because as I have said before, my baby book skills have been tossed to the wind with this third child! Ayla was 14 months on the 9th. She is such a little character. And so very different than Brigg and Nalani were. She has been from day one. She started using walking as her main method of transportation officially at 13 months.
She says nothing. Literally no words. She grunts. And points. And we all give her what she is grunting for, so I do understand that is something we need to work on. She's got us all right where she wants us! She does fully understand everything we say to her. We can say "Ayla, go get your blankie." And she walks right over to it and picks it up. She understands virutally every command, but often times pretends to be deaf.
And her favorite thing to do...
figure out what gets a reaction out of us and do it repeatedly.
For example, RUNNING to the TV, turning it off and pounding on the screen as hard as she can with both hands until we come and pull her away. And this is her favorite time to act deaf. Very frustrating.
And her favorite toy...the cell phone.

Again, trying to figure out how to get a reaction out of me...hmmmm, maybe if I LICK the cell phone and get it really really wet, she'll give me the reaction I'm looking for.

In just the past few days she has started enjoying books. Up until now she wouldn't sit on our laps long enough to read a full book. But the past few days she goes and gets a book and then backs up to us and plops down in our lap. She turns the pages really fast, but I can get most of the words in before moving on to the next page. She really loves Happy Baby ABC. No plot. No storyline whatsoever. Not my favorite, but maybe it will help her learn some WORDS! :)
I have no memory of what we did before Ayla. She's turned our world upside down and brought a new kind of excitement to it. The bigger kids are so great with her. It has been so fun watching them watch her grow. When Brigg came back from Florida he was watching her and his eyes got big and he said, "Mom! Ayla has learned so much while I was gone! She even knows how to pick her nose now!"
Yes, she is a prodigy.
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Candi said...

I am LAUGHING really loud and hard!! That is TOO funny!! Oh Brigg!!!