Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Totals are in for Water for Christmas.
It's huge.


Pretty amazing. As I look through the mile-long list of givers, it is unbelievable to me that so many different people gave. SO MANY $10, $20 donations.
It's proof. If we all just do something, we can change the world. Literally change the world.
Our brothers and sisters in Liberia are changed because you gave.
That is something.
Not a little something.
A HUGE something.
A final thanks to all those who joined together to bring change to a far off country!!!
Oh merry christmas.


Melanie said...

That's awesome Cassie!! Kudos to all of you that worked so hard on this project. You all are the ones that made the difference for those people.

Candi said...

I am so proud of you all!! Happy Birthday Cass!!!
Love & Miss you,

Eric and Pam said...

happy birthday indeed. :-)

what an awesome gift.

love you.