Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back at it...

Brigg made it home. It was around 12:45. We fell into bed around 1:15.
And I felt whole again. It was so weird. Things just felt weird around here with him gone. I don't know if I would have even been about to explain it if you asked me what was wrong, but things just didn't feel right. And last night we let the kids sleep on the floor in our room. And I looked at them before I got in bed and truly the world just felt right again. 9 days was a long time. He had not ONE BIT of homesickness, which is so great. But he was pretty happy to see us. I didn't have my camera out last night when he got home, but I wish I had. I watched from the front door as Paul walked down our front walk to my dad's car. Paul stopped short of the curb and bent down and held his arms out. All I could see was Brigg's skinny little shadow running towards his daddy's arms and then he jumped up in them and they hugged for a long time. So sweet.
Today I worked in the nursery at church and everyone was just rolling out of bed as I walked out the door. I got home at 10:45 and the kids made it to 12:32 before they had their first fight. so about 4 hours. That could be a record. Now they are playing together and Ayla is sleeping and my cup is full.
I have my 2009 planner out with very good intentions of starting this year off right. I have my budget open on my computer, working on that as my photos from the past 2 months are uploading to shutterfly. My email is cleaned out and I plan on ordering my photo book for 2008 by tomorrow. My intentions are always good, but usually don't make it past January 31. We'll keep trying. One thing I figured on in 2008 is that it's impossible to remember everything these kids have going on without writing it one spot. So I am committed to the planner ALL YEAR this year!
The house is much louder with 3 kids in it. And I missed that. So glad he's home.


Amy said...

Where are you ordering your blog book from? I saw that blurb isn't supporting blogger right now. I was happy with blurb last year, I'm not sure what to do this year. I was going to have Pam ask you all where you are getting yours done at. :)

Cassie said...

well i order just a book of photos from the year from shutterfly. i do my blog book through blurb. i understand that blurb is not currently slurping blogger or wordpress, but that is temporary until they get things updated. (i got my info thru jody!) i think if we give it a little bit, they'll have it back up and running like it was last year!! i still plan on using them for 2008's blog. hope that helps!

Amy said...

That does help. I hope they get it up and running soon! Thanks, Cassie!