Friday, January 23, 2009

300 Voices

I do realize that Water for Christmas was supposed to be over after....well...CHRISTMAS.
But I'm sorry...I can't stop.
It is literally keeping me up at night. And that is not by my own doing.
The fact of the matter is, there is still work to be done. Water to be tapped.
And there are people willing to give.
Lots of people have asked if this was it. Or if this was going to be a reoccuring event. And really we didn't know.
But it has become apparent to many that we can't stop here. If we do want to do this again, we need to keep water at the front of our minds....right in front of our faces.
So how?
We've been discussing and tossing around ideas and something big has come of it.
I remember about halfway through the Water for Christmas campaign, Jody called me. She sounded frustrated. She said she had been thinking. She thought maybe if we raised $50,000 we could make a dent. She was thinking that maybe we could raise $50,ooo every year. And she wondered how long it would take to wipe out the water crisis if we did just that....$50,000/year.
300 years.
It would take 300 years.
Yeah, that was a bit discouraging.
And we decided that it was also unacceptable. We needed to see this happen in our life time.
So ideas started flowing.
And the 300 voices campaign was born.
Jody has been obsessed. And working very very hard...along with her sister-in-law, Kari, to get this thing up and running.
If we can get 300 people to catch the vision, to care about water, then maybe, just maybe, it won't take 300 years to eliminate this problem.
And seriously, this is DOABLE!
The goal is to bring water front in center in the minds of 300 people. To let water flood the lives of 300 people. We have felt our hearts change over the course of the water for christmas campaign partially because of it being in our faces every single day. So we figure that if 300 people commit to caring about water this year, by Christmas time next year, the campaign will grow 300 times!
So we are looking for 300 voices. We need 300 people to step up and commit to giving $5 a week for the whole 2009 year.
A small sacrifice to most of us.
If we can get 300 to commit to this, we will raise $72,000 this year.
15 wells.
That is insane.
There is a blog right now.
Go read Jody's post.
Then, if you feel the prompting, join us.
Sign up here.
BE the change.
Let's prove that actions speak far louder and reach much further than words.
Thank you for listening. And thank you for caring.

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