Thursday, January 8, 2009

They came bearing gifts...and food.

I love my birthday.
And it was yesterday.
I got phone calls, text messages, e-cards, emails and visitors.
I can always count on hearing from certain people. A couple of them I usually hear from only once or twice a year.
And many of them are constants in my life.
It was a busy, busy day, but first thing in the morning Jody and Amy stopped over for coffee.
They brought applesauce cake and almond scones.
And gifts.
I got this super cute camera strap from Jody...

And Amy the artist.
I can't tell you how this makes my heart feel...

The gifts were incredible, but I must say their presence on a daily basis means even more.
Love them.
Oh, and how I love this other "little" gift from my parents and Paul's parents...

I think it officially makes me a chef?
Yeah, kinda like the new painting makes me an artist?
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Heather said...

Hope your day was a great one! Sounds like your family and friends were very good to you!

Melanie said...

Happy belated birthday Cassie!

Tisha said...

Happy belated birthday!

Allison said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIE!! It looks like you had a nice Birthday and I am SO jealous of your new mixer! Love the color!

Courtney said...

oh! happy birthday!!! sorry i didn't know - or i would have wished you FUN on your special day! and, i have that VERY SAME strap - from a different "person" on etsy - but those same 2 fabrics (if you got the one in the picture...not sure...)

oh, and your life will never be the same now that you have that mixer.