Monday, January 26, 2009

Full steam ahead.

I have been distracted for about the last 10 days.
Which happened to fall right over the launch of 300 voices.
So I don't really feel like I have given it's due attention.
But I am back. And ready to recruit those 300 voices!! :)
Currently we are at 82...which really is incredible for only 3 days.
Really amazing. People committing to a full year of keeping water in front of them.
People no longer just talking about making a difference. People acting.
There are going to be some pretty exciting crafting projects popping up here soon.
We had a full 36 hours to discuss and brainstorm and dream.
It's going to be good!
So this is the deal...
If you believe that when 300 people band together a difference can be made, you need to consider this. We have seen what can happen with just $10 donations...$59,000 in about 8 weeks. That's incredible.
The idea is that we reach out to our family and friends and spread the passion. If I can personally get 3 people to sign up and those 3 people get 3 people, and on and on, we can be a light to a world of darkness and despair. Where water can be life-saving and then deadly in one gulp.
We have been given much. And we are responsible to turn around and use it to bless others.
So sign up.
And spread the word.


Jennie Peakin said...

I want to craft...I want to help! What can I do?!! :)

Candi said...

Yes, I will work on spreading the exciting plan as soon as I can. It is hard when I'm down here with little contact with people!! Let me get started and hopefully figure out who else I can reach!! I an in, I am certain God will guide us to the proper ways!! :)