Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2

Here we are, halfway thru day 2 of being "back into a routine" in 2009.
I'm not feelin' it today.
Just feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything.
Kinda like I want to crawl in bed for the day and stay there until tomorrow.
It will pass.
But for today, I'm just kinda letting myself feel crummy.


Courtney said...

i think it must be passing around. i seriously can't do ANYTHING today. i don't feel sick, i just can't DO anything!!!

Trish said...

Don't fear we all have days like this. Do you think it's the lack of sun? I wasn't sick but just felt kinda blah! Tommorrow's a new day...come on sun :)

Anonymous said...

Cassica, Call me 260-0931. Now that should make you feel better-ehe?! love ya, dg