Friday, January 16, 2009

I've given up

not even trying at this point to be entertaining anymore.
i mohawked brigg's hair out of sheer boredom yesterday.
he says that i did a great job and should get paid to cut people's hair.
thanks bud!
today i am not limiting tv time or video game time.
after day 3 of no school due to the possibility of frost bit or DEATH if you're out in this weather for too long, they get to do whatever they want.
i must say, this has been good for refining my housekeeping skills.
i didn't have any dirty laundry left yesterday, so i scrounged around and decided the kids' sleeping bags needed washed.
i kinda feel like i can't breathe right now.
we may have to brave the cold temps at some point today or i'll go off the deep end.
i just don't know where to go!!


Beckysblog said...

Last week went to the mall. Just so they could play at the play land...

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Roller skating, big hit with the Stewarts last weekend.

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

...but watch out for the 12 year old girls and their shocking vocabulary.

Cassie said...

roller skating it is!
we are heading out as soon as paul gets home from work.
pretty sure i have never been so excited to get OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Holly said...

omaha is like only 6 hrs away ;-)
and I'm pretty sure it's about 10 degrees warmer here ;-)

Eric and Pam said...

we didn't wear coats outside today. ;) (not really trying to rub it in...just trying to find SOME good reason that I don't live there anymore)

i sent my kids off to different friends and relatives today for my sanity...

lucy says hi.