Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm obsessing...

It's cold. Seriously beyond freezing. The coldest I have ever felt it.
And we have had 2 days of school cancelled and I just found out they already cancelled it again for tomorrow.
We have a SCHEDULED day off school on Monday.
This is longer than spring break!
We could have (and SHOULD have) gone on a dang vacation.
Paul had an email about a home inspector's conference in Orlando next week and I checked ticket prices just for fun and they were $152 ROUND TRIP!?!?
Are you kidding???
I almost booked on the spot.
But I didn't.
So tonight when I heard that school was cancelled again, I immediately went to air tran's website and checked flights from Moline to Florida, leaving TOMORROW morning.
No luck.
No flights available.
I'm losing my mind here. LOSING it. Going stir crazy.
I love one single day of being stuck inside, but we are going on three. And who knows what the weekend holds.


Candi said...

Yup, I'm with you.... and I've been in Fl. a lot!! Wished you were going with us next trip!! :(

Beckysblog said...

No doubt. Looks we have school, just two hours late...but I need to get out of here! Anything sounds better than this.

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

I think you and the girls could get away the week we go...right Paul!

Cassie said...

problem being no way to get brigg to and from school every day.
plus, ayla wouldn't be a ton of fun down there right now. i don't think it would be too "relaxing" anyone!