Monday, January 12, 2009

By Sunday night...

Usually by Sunday night I am done.
Completely done.
I would say around 6:30 I start looking at the clock, waiting for bedtime.
I love having all the kids around and together for 2 full days and I think I'm pretty good about letting them just enjoy eachother all weekend, but I end up paying for it with the mess that's left behind.
And by Sunday night I find myself on the couch, looking around at the trashed house, thinking
"How am I going to get my act together tomorrow?"
And now it's tomorrow.
Brigg is at school, Lani is watching cartoons and I just put Ayla down for her morning nap.
This means I have 2 hours to pull it together.
2 hours of no tattling, fighting, building forts, eating, throwing food on the ground, yelling or crying.
Ready, set, GO!
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