Sunday, January 25, 2009

The reason for the lack of blog...

It's been a long week.
We have been trying to keep a secret from Jody and it has not been easy!
On Friday she turned 30...which is actually very old.
And she thought we really were not doing anything special for her.
But we had other plans.

Pam flew in from Kansas.
Amy and I walked in Jody's house to pick her up to go to dinner.
She was opening our gifts when in snuck Pam.

It was very exciting.
And I think I was crying...
Ok...I was.

And because Pam and I rarely sleep, she stayed at my house.
So it was kind of like MY birthday, too! :)
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Courtney said...

what?!? rarely SLEEP?? what's wrong with you guys?? i'm sure you won't sleep much tonight! :-) have so much fun!!!

Brandi said...

How fun! I love your fun little group of girls. I kinda wish I were there! What a sweet way to celebrate together. I hope you guys get some time to just relax and have fun.