Saturday, January 15, 2011

wow...i'm getting old.

i know this not just because
a. my hair color is wearing off and the huge number of gray hairs i can see is disheartening.
but more because
b. i catch my breath and tear up when i get emails that someone had their baby.
c. if it is their first baby, i think to myself, "oh my goodness. they have no idea what just happened to them. none."
i literally thought those exact words this morning as i read that a family friend had their first child. it sounds like something an experienced mother says. a mother who has 3 children and will be having no more babies. NOT something a spring chick like ME would say.
oh wait.
i'm no spring chick.
i'm getting old. and i know what it means to have your heart walking outside of your body.
3 times over.
and it is not easy. :)

this is day 2 of our 3 day weekend.
i made scones this morning.
paul's doing an inspection.
we have family coming for the night this afternoon.
brigg is begging to get together with a friend.
he has baseball this morning.
i'm washing sheets.
and drink coffee.
and feeling tired because ayla is no longer a good sleeper.
oh...and i'm washing the couch cushion cover because ayla spilled a whole glass of hot chocolate on it. and no, she was not supposed to have hot chocolate on the couch.
lani is practicing piano.
ayla is repeating "MOM!" over and over and over.
nope...not easy at all. but more than full of blessing and laughter and love.
i'm glad i know. and i'm glad i'm getting old. it's kinda awesome.

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Trish said...

All I have to say is hush! I'm 40 & have a 9 year old & a 5month old wow now that's old AND crazy!!!!