Saturday, January 22, 2011

this weekend

seriously, i cannot get enough of this...

homemade granola.
vanilla yogurt.
fresh berries...raspberries and blackberries have been awesome!

we had tate on thursday night.
jennie and sean are moving into a different house.
he stayed with us thursday and mom and dad last night.
then this morning i left the house with all the kids and paul started his first real project in this house.
a sleeping "nook" for lani.
he's in the process of framing it up.
we came home and the girls went crazy.

lani went right to work helping him.
she is seriously SO helpful.
and she's SO excited about this sleeping nook.
paul's been planning it for 3 months.
and when it's complete, we (meaning just paul and i) are taking JUST lani to ikea in chicago for a few accessories.
we'll spend the night in a hotel near ikea.
and eat dinner with just her.
it's her own one-on-one time with us.
like brigg's cardinal's game last year.
she's ecstatic.
ayla...not so much. :)

although ayla DOES think that lani is going to let her sleep with her in the nook.
so we may have an issue when this project is complete.
OR we may have another sleeping nook in what is not paul's office.
:) we'll see.
lani the helper...

brigg's spending the night at a friend's.
he's been counting down the days.
and i got some time at target today.
so we are ALL happy. :)
a good good weekend.
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Candi said...

How fun !! Great job Paul.... I'll REALLY be excited about the "finishing touches" : )

Beckysblog said...

SO fun for Lani.
And so awesome that you guys take the time to do one on one time with them!
Its like my favorite parenting thing!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Lani, I am totally sleeping over in your room next time we visit!