Wednesday, January 19, 2011

half way through the week

wednesday already?
i'm not working today.
laundry is going, dishes are done and i'm about to jump in the shower. (yes, it's 10:30)
my head is spinning a bit this morning.
feeling an intense desire to hop on the train and GO. :) it could be a bad thing that i got a taste of the train life. now i want more.
snow was falling again this morning. it was beautiful. i feel kind of isolated out here in the woods. i like it! when it snows i feel like i'm in a snow globe. it's peaceful. i'm kind of all or nothing. big, crazy, wild gatherings OR isolated, quiet, peaceful moments by the fire.
love them both and feel like i'm getting lots of both ends these days.
very satisfying.
i've been trying to pick a couple books to take over spring break to florida.
any suggestions?
last year i read a novel...Glass Castle. it was a bit disturbing, but i couldn't put it down. which i'm sure was very annoying to everyone around me. again, my personality. get involved deeply and can't focus on anything else until it's done.
i was thinking about reading the follow-up to it...Half-Broke Horses.
i just want something easy. a quick read.

i see blue skies and sunshine. i think i may need to get out today and socialize in some way.
happy wednesday!


Beckysblog said...

come socialize with me

Holly said...

uh...the Hunger Games (er..if you haven't already read them!? and if you aren't protesting them!?)

Sarah Guild said...

I was in a book club in STL and my favorite from that was: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Sounds weird but was a great book about women in China with a good story. Also, Unbroken by the author of Seabiscuit is great, too.

Maggie said...

Hey Cassie,
I found your blog through Jody's. I think you are about the coolest Mom. Anyway, I just finished The Help by Katherine Stockett. It was great and I really recommend it.

Beckysblog said...

The Help is actually the book I was going to suggest for you.

I really enjoyed it.

And also, uh, Twilight...! come on - you know you want to...

Jennie Peakin said... me crazy, but I DO NOT READ NOVELS and I couldn't put down the Twilight books. I'm telling them!

lisa little said...

the art of racing in the rain