Monday, January 17, 2011


Snow day.
Lots of people had today off because of the holiday, but we were not supposed to.
We had Friday off because of the end of the quarter.
So today's snow day gave us a 4 day weekend.
And honestly, last night I was hoping this would happen.
I even stayed up late watching a movie and old episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" because I thought this might happen.
We are all still in our pajamas.
I've been dreaming of Africa and Florida and Seattle this morning for different reasons.
Paul texted me this morning and said, "You know what. It's raining here and it's raining in Seattle, too, this morning. Only difference is it's 52 degrees there and ours is about to turn to ice."
Yeah, that's a big difference.
Then Lani said to me, "Mom, 57 days til we leave for Florida."
I have no idea how accurate that is or how she knows that, but it made me happy.
Did I mention we were going there again this year for spring break?
It's pretty much a tradition. Paul's family is joining us, too. Lisa, Tony and kids and Donna go nearly every time, but this year Erin, Luke and Drew are coming, too! It's their first time going along. It's going to be great! And we found cheap plane tickets through Allegiant Air. Paul had a free ticket through United, so he is seriously flying alone into another airport. Funny. But it saved us a chunk of money and we get to avoid the 21 hour car ride there. that gives us 2 extra days IN the sun. We are excited!
The kids have every single pillow, cushion and blanket in the house in our living room right now. They are jumping and yelping and laughing. And I'm fine with it as long as they are not fighting.
It's Monday.
But it kind of feels like Sunday. So we are all happy!

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