Sunday, January 2, 2011

the $50 coffee spill

i make myself crazy, i tell ya.
this morning paul and i had a cup of coffee.

a little background info...
we have a french press.
it make 2 large cups of coffee.
i LOVE it.
but it is my 2nd one...i broke my last one in the dishwasher.
every morning i make one pot...but on the weekends i make two pots.

so this morning we were finishing up our first cups and i had just poured the water in the second pot. i was talking to paul...passionately. my arms were flailing about. my voice was high-pitched and loud. i was serious about what i was saying. (and a few hours later i can't remember what i was exactly saying...typical for me.)
anyway, i had just added the nearly boiling water and placed the lid on. the plunger part was still up high. i said something very serious as i flung myself around to look at paul and make sure he was just as passionate as i was about this subject matter and my hand caught on the plunger part of the pot.
it flew towards me...shattering as it hit the counter and nearly boiling water went everywhere...including on my pant leg.
i squealed.
and then it went silent. one of those moments where everybody knows it's better not to say anything.
it took me a half hour to clean up. water and coffee grounds ran down the front of the cupboards...into the drawers, inside the cupboard doors.
it went all over my brand new box of band nuts. (seriously, our babysitter sold nuts for band. i bought a box for like $16 or something ridiculous. she had just brought them out on new years eve when she babysat.) they were ruined.
coffee pot ruined.
nuts ruined.
starbucks-brand coffee wasted.

believe me. nobody spoke for a long time.
so happy birthday to me (on friday)...i'm getting a new french press.
i purchased the stainless steel one this time.
i'm getting smart in my old age.


Holly said...

my heart is palpitating.

on new years I was 'passionately' telling Jake the girls NEEDED to go to bed, there were good friends looking on, he didn't totally immediately agree with me, I was making my case right as I dropped an entire cup of water on an already crowded floor...

....the silence was hilarious.

Lydia chimed it, "it's ok mommy."

everyone had this look of fear that I might explode any second ;-)
and they were probably right!

- we use a french press too! I would have been so sad!

Tisha said...

Oh man. That's TERRIBLE. The MESS!But, I was laughing just a little bit reading it. Only because YOU are funny. NOT because THAT was funny.
I dropped an unopened, half gallon glass jar of raw milk yesterday. I nearly cried. I feel your pain.

Cassie said...

i'm glad you girls can relate.
i can't wait to get my stainless steel french press though. it's much larger. and insulated. holly, you may want to consider it should you ever encounter the above situation. which, by the sounds of things, could very easily happen in your house, too.

Beckysblog said...

oh Cassie....that is so me.


Allison said...

Oh my gosh!!! You tell your stories SO well! I can just imagine all of this happening! Happy early birthday and I bet you will love your new french press!! :)