Monday, January 24, 2011

The "nook" update

paul is making progress.
i think it's fun to see it coming together.
he's started sheet rocking.
remember when i tried to strip the wallpaper.
this is what happened...

SO...we have purchased paintable wallpaper.
it will go OVER the current wallpaper.
our only other option was to RE-dry wall the walls.
not happening.
this stuff is going to be super cute.
and there's only wallpaper on 2 walls.
and the above picture you can see where paul is putting 3 cubbies.
we want to have 3 cute baskets under there for storage.
i labeled it.

the below photo shows the nook from the other end.
on the outside of the nook, he's going to put bookshelves at the bottom.
then he'll reverse it and have shelves INSIDE the nook.
on the outside we are going to paint magnetic paint and then chalkboard paint over it.
she'll have a magnetic chalkboard.
SO cute! :)

this weekend i purchased matching quilts at TJ Maxx for the girls.
they are reversible.
super cute and totall matched my inspiration piece below.

i got this picture for lani for christmas.
bought the frame at an antique store.
it was gold.
i spray painted it green.
i LOVE the look
i knew i wanted her room to look like that picture.

you can see the paint chips above it.
the main color in the room is the light aqua.
then INSIDE the nook, we are doing a hot pink.
we are looking for an old chandalier to go in there.
she'll have her own switch inside the nook for the chandalier.
i'm keeping my eyes open at antique stores.
OR there is a really cute light at IKEA that i think would be fun.

finally, in the big opening to get into the nook, we are looking for the perfect fabric to make curtains.
so she can feel completely separate from her baby sister if she chooses.
i can't wait for it to be finished!

have i mentioned how amazing paul is?
i showed him 2 pictures and told him to do something.
he has no idea how awesome he is.
love him.
love that he couldn't be happier doing this for his baby girl.
and she thinks he hung the moon...
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Beckysblog said...

Can I borrow Paul?????

That is going to be the CUTEST!

Cassie said...

he's incredible. and soooo totally different from me.
we make a good team.
sorry...he's not available for loan.

Courtney said...

wow! he IS amazing!
and i love your inspiration piece!
it's going to be so cute!
but i love that you are showing it to us step by step!

Sarah Guild said...

If I had a girl... we would totally be doing this. We already copied one of your great ideas (repurposed kitchen) so why not steal all of them? Except... no girl. Any ideas for boys?

Amy said...

This is going to be so amazing!! I can't wait to see finished pictures. With Lani inside it! What a lucky little girl! :)

Cassie said...

sarah...there are some fun nooks here
you could TOTALLY do one for a boy!!

Candi said...

Love it so far... it IS going to be SO fun and adorable for Lu bug!! : )