Monday, January 3, 2011

to-do list for the day...

1. DRINK COFFEE (morning came waaaaay to early today)
2. dropped my phone in a snow bank. battery no longer holds a charge. go get new battery.
3. go pick up brigg's snow gear from my mom's. oops...he might have needed that today.
4. drink coffee
5. wash sheets...don't ask
6. 2 more loads of laundry
7. drink coffee
8. return video game to amazon that arrived scratched ( is awesome with returns. i was looking for info to return this item, i came across a link called PACKAGING FEEDBACK!! i could leave feedback on how well my item was packaged! remember brigg's wall decal package? yeah...i left feedback. exciting stuff around here!)
9. figure out how in the world we are going to deal with the wallpaper in lani and ayla's room that was applied directly to the sheet rock. IT'S A MESS. and i'm so frustrated with the whole situation.
10. drink coffee
11. grocery shop
12. take brigg to baseball
13. early to bed

that's it.
it was a bit of a rough morning. the kids have been sleeping until 9:00 at the earliest. so 6:30 came WAY too soon for everyone. but they are at school now. and i work 3 days this week, so i need to take advantage of my day today.
welcome 2011! and welcome back ROUTINE.


Heather said...

colby's room had that too. at the old house we re-sheetrocked it. at this house we wanted it DONE in a day so we used the paintable wallpaper--turned out super cute and you can paint that stuff as many times as you want. i chose the one with a vertical embossing that way there are no seams that show. no one knows it is wallpaper unless i tell them. it worked great for a quick fix.

Holly said...

that happened to me once too...I re-plastered the whole dang thing (it was a bathroom) and did a textured effect to make it go faster.

Jake was deployed...of course ;-)

Cassie said...

heather...where did you get it?
we are totally doing that. i cannot handle re-sheetrocking the whole room. PLUS, it's like that in our bathroom, too. ugh.
OR...holly, you can come here and re-plaster my whole house for me if you want. ;)

Heather said...

our menards carries it--it's plain white with different patterns--in the wallpaper section--it's just called paintable wallpaper i believe. i hired someone to do it(did a great FAST job--lmk if you need her name), but it goes up just like regular wallpaper. then you can paint it right away. when she did colby's she tore off three layers of paper before finding out that the 4th layer wouldn't come off. so that was what she suggested. she then put up the paintable paper, and painted two coats--it was all done in a day and a half. woulda been quicker had she not spent half a day finding out that the 4th layer was stuck on too good to come off!