Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chicago-Part 2

So we got a map and a gift certificate for a free appetizer from our hotel and took off.
It was fairly cold, but I don't think we even noticed.
We were on a mission to eat, drink and be MERRY.
We started with the eat and drink part and the Emeral Loop...

(oh how i love you new belgium!)
While we were here I got a text from a friend about having fun.
I wrote back something like "I forgot how FUN we are together!"
Paul and I were together for 6 years alone before children began arriving.
And can I just say that we were FUN. :)
We still know how to have fun, it's just a different kind.
Both fabulous, but sometimes it's awesome to go back and relive some of those earlier days.
We sat at that first restaurant and looked at eachother and said, "We don't have to BE anywhere at anytime. We can just WANDER if we want."
We had no reservations anywhere and no real plan.
So we wandered all over the city.
Dinner at Fado. Yum!
And then we wound up here...

At the Red Head Piano Bar.
Front and center.
It was awesome.
(am i overusing that word? sorry. but it WAS.)
we toasted my birthday and remembered the olden days and talked about our life now and how great it is.
Just relaxed and laughed and talked and laughed and such.
We left there around 10:30 (yes...we are much older these days)
and walked back to the hotel.
Probably about a 20 minute walk, which took us quite a bit longer since I wanted to photograph everything.
And we were laughing.
And acting 18.
(the first photo down below of the 2 of us was in this spot, too)

But beautiful and relaxing.
At this point I'm pretty sure Paul was informing me that I have no internal compass and had no idea where I was going.
Which is true.

Thank goodness we ran into some guy from Canada who was heading towards our hotel, too.
Or we may have never made it home!
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Beckysblog said...

Ive been to that piano bar! So fun!

meg duerksen said...

i have never gone in that piano bar. next time!
i have passed it so many times.

this trip is making me REALLY want some time alone with my man!