Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chicago-Part 3

We slept in.
To be honest, I did not sleep great.
Worried about the kids.
And the dog.
Plus, it was SO hot in our room and I couldn't figure out the thermostat.
I was up several times.
But I slept hard once about 6 am hit.
And when I got up, I got to take a long, hot shower with no children yelling for me!
It was GREAT!
We packed our backpacks and checked out.
A friend and former Chicago resident had suggested Uncommon Ground for great local food choices.
We had already taken a train and a taxi, so we opted for the subway to get to Wrigleyville area.
When we got off the subway and walked up to the street level, we noticed a horrible smell.
We assumed it came from here...

And Paul is so so mad at me in this photo.
CASSIE! do NOT take my picture under that sign!

But I couldnt resist.
We walked the wrong direction twice, but finally found our way to Uncommon Ground.
Seriously insanely good.
It was worth the trip for sure.
And since we had now done the subway, we chose to take the BUS back to union station.
Our train left at 2:45 and we left the restaurant at 1:25.
At 2:23 I asked the busdriver what time she expected we would be at Union Station.
She said, "ummmm...about 2:39"
ok...we'll just get off here.
And RUN to catch a taxi and BEG him to floor it.
Then RUN to the train as they announced the gate would be closed in 5 minutes.
Oh my goodness.
We seriously almost didn't make it.
And I have to admit, it would have been kinda fun if we hadn't.
Paul slept most of the way home.
I used his Blackberry and caught up with the world.
So sad it's over.
But SO thankful that we were able to do it.
THANK YOU to my sister who watched the kids AND dog for us so we could refresh ourselves.
It was awesome and can never be duplicated.
Heading to bed....but wanted to get this all down before I forgot.
And I'll save the awesome story of Aylas psychotic meltdown tonight for another day.
I don't want to ruin the moment.
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Anonymous said...

we walked by the "red head" and i told steve that i wanted to go there sometime. We were in a hurry to head some place else @ the time but Cassie, i do the same thing with Chi-town.....i say, "lets go there now" and just like with one thinks I am serious! :) Maybe we just need to take a girls trip and go anywhere we want! I don't like to plan....just want to go and do it! I told Steve that I want to go this summer and just walk around....I love it in the city! Looks like a lot of fun and I am glad u got the chance to go! Nice updates! dg

Courtney said...

love it! so glad you guys had a great time!

Beckysblog said...

Oh you guys are too funny!

Amy said...

So glad you were able to have this time together!!