Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a list

i haven't blogged in a few days.
i'm missing all my virtual friends. :)
so i'm going to get a few things down on "paper" here, but in no organized fashion.
just random thoughts.

*i go back and forth between thinking i have the very best dog EVER to thinking "why on earth did we think we should get a dog?" willow is 9 months now. still very much a puppy, but having more and more moments of being an obedient full-grown dog. it's just that those "puppy moments" about kill me. about make me want to put her up for adoption. and then she'll be so awesome and i think "wow! she's such a great family dog! i LOVE her!" it's kind of frustrating.

*ayla. oh ayla. come to think of it...ayla and willow seem to be going through the exact same stage in life right now! :) we'll just leave it at that. love her to PIECES, but she seriously knows how to push my buttons. and she does it a lot.

*been subbing lots. 6th graders today. learned a lot about cell phones. and saw lots of UGGS. and i love middle school. i think it takes a certain kind to love to teach preschool or kindergarten. a certain kind that is NOT me. a kind that i THOUGHT i was several years ago. but now realize i am NOT. and i also think it takes a certain kind to love to teach middle school. i think i'm that kind. maybe? i remember going to guatemala and thinking that i was going to fall in love with all the little kids. and it was the 13 year-olds. i fell in love with those 13 year-old girls. i wanted to bring them all home. i remember thinking "this is so weird!" i've changed so much over the years!

*i've watched all 3 episodes of american idol this season. and i have cried at every single one. but tonight. wow. tonight was ugly crying. unless you watched, do not judge me. i made it to the last 5 minutes and then lost it. heartbreaking story. i was trying to hide my embarrassing sobs from my husband and actually let out this huge, snotty snort. it was impossible to hide. and i'm just going to say it. i LOVE steven tyler. love. love. love. the end.

*made biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs for my kids tonight. i've never seen them eat so much in my life. seriously. tons. just an observation.

*willow gets groomed tomorrow. hope i remember to do a "before and after" shot. she's shaggy!

*while she gets groomed, i'm having coffee with a friend. it's sad how excited i get about that. a simple coffee and conversation. and i could pee my pants i'm so excited! :)

*paul has 3 inspections this week. so we've seen eachother in passing. which stinks, but we also had a big vehicle "repair" bill and so it's really a blessing. although the "repair" was supposed to fix my SERVICE ENGINE SOON light and my LOW COOLANT LEVEL light and the fumes that seem to appear in my car when it idles. the "repairs" were done on monday. and guess what?!? those 3 things reappeared today. $350. my car is exactly the same. beyond frustrating. i'm going to have to deal with it tomorrow.

*i'm ready for the weekend. very very ready for the weekend.

the end.


Jennie Peakin said...

I've missed your blogging. Glad you posted! I need to see the kids...can't wait until next weekend! :)

Candi said...

Ya I have missed it too... :) Hope you get things fixed on your car and now I CANNOT wait to watch Am Idol... we taped it and haven't watched it yet! Thanks for the heads up about it though, will be watching it tonight for sure!! :) Don't forget to take Willow pics before & after!!!! :)

Tisha said...

So fun to read. I like these kinds of updates. :)

I feel the same way about our dog....

I have missed AI, but have them recorded thinking SOMEDAY I will have time...
But, I had to see what you were crying about. So I ff to the end of last night's show. Oh my goodness.
Me too - I was ugly crying. Not pretty at all. Wasn't that THE sweetest thing ever? Heart breaking.
I love Steven Tyler too.
Hey, guess what? You don't have to be cruel to judge AI!! ST proves it!

Trish said...

I haven't watched American Idol the last two years, but I thought this year with the new judges I would give it a shot. I agree love Steven Tyler too! I haven't watched last nights yet it's on the DVR but I've cried every show too so far, not so many uncomfortable moments as before! Thanks for the updates. Good luck with the car thing I hate car issues ugh!!!!

Courtney said...

i also love these kinds of updates!

i think you're right - about being a "little kid" or "middle school kid" person - we need some of both!

Beckysblog said...

you need to talk to jordan about my love for steven tyler.