Sunday, January 30, 2011

i think *i* need dog obedience classes

i don't know how to discipline willow.
i have 3 children, so i try to discipline her in the same way.
it goes something like this...

willow starts eating a sock off the floor.
i say, "Willlow! what are you DOING? Drop the sock please. Right now."
willow looks at me with the sock hanging from her mouth.
i say "Willow, I asked you to drop the sock. if you don't drop the sock you're going to have to go to your room."
sometimes she drops the sock...for real.
sometimes she runs with it. depends on her mood apparently. (which sounds somewhat similar to my 3 children, come to think of it!)
after i get the sock from her i seriously find myself asking her "why would you eat a SOCK? you have food in your room. if you want to eat something, eat your food! sheesh!"

really...that is ridiculous. and i don't think dogs respond to long paragraphs of directions and alternative behaviors that would be more pleasing to me. but i can't help it. it's all i know.
so i'm on a list for dog training classes starting in march. i think i need them more than her....

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