Monday, January 31, 2011

The calm before "the literal storm"

there is a snow storm a comin!
like the "18-22 inches predicted" kind of snow storm.
now they have been wrong before, but i'm still going to brace for this one.
i don't have a car. rather not talk about that one.
ayla has had a VERY high fever for 24 hours now. i just got off the phone with the doctor and they are squeezing her in this morning at 10:30.
as soon as we are done with that, i'm going to drop her off at my moms and make a mad rush for the store (which i KNOW is going to be INsane), the post office and the bank. then i'm leaving dad's car with him and getting a ride home. no idea WHEN i'm going to have a car again. super frustrating.
but we will be set for a few days with groceries and wood for the fireplace.

just this last weekend lisa said, "i hope we get a couple more big snowfalls before winter is over!" be careful what you wish for!! this one is big.

happy winter. :)


Lisa Borglum said...

Oh man, I hope we didn't pass anything on to Ayla! Hadley hasn't had a fever since last week but maybe she was still carrying something?!?! Let me know how the doctor appointment goes.
By the way, I am very excited about the snow storm :)
Now, if I was still working, I probably wouldn't feel the same way and I will hate it after I hear the first news report about a car accident..

Candi said...

I've got a roast in the oven and sitting with a flavored cup of coffee and ready for the storm.... bought lots of supplies and hope it doesn't get as bad as they are saying but feel VERY blessed all cozy warm in my comfy clothes not planning on venturing out in the near future!! Let the snow begin... :)