Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"What would it take?"--Revisited

A mere 8 days ago Jody had a post on her blog entitled What would it take? 8 days ago in order for us to get to $50,000 or 10 wells, it would have taken 3330 people to donate $10, 330 to donate $100, 33 people to donate $1,000. Just to keep this all in perspective and see how close we are, I thought I'd update this with today's numbers. So as of today we have $35,000. What would it take to get to $50,000?

To raise enough for 10 village wells?
In some ways, it seems insurmountable.
In others, way too low.
But with the $35,000 we already have, we could reach $50,000 like this–
1,500 people donate $10. (we should be able to do that in one day, but my microphone must not be on. :-)).
Or 300 people donate $50.
Or 150 people donate $100.
15 people donate $1,000.
Or THREE individuals or groups who sponsor their own well ($5,000).
Or a combination of the above. A combinations of big givers and generous givers and sacrificial givers. All of them important. All of them central to this story.

See what happened in just 8 DAYS?
We can do this.
All it takes is me...and you...and you.
Go donate.
Let's make it 10 wells.

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Brandi said...

Cassie, I have heard all about you, but haven't been here yet. I just wanted to thank you for Water 4 Christmas. My son is Liberian. There are no words to adequately describe my thanks for you loving the Liberian people. I made something for you girls on my blog. www.brandisthoughts.com

Thank you,