Friday, December 19, 2008

It looks like...

WE DID IT! (final number will be in next week, but for now, we think we made it.)

I think we drilled a well in one day.

$5000 in ONE DAY.

That is huge. And it was one of our goals.

THANK YOU to all who donated.

We saw lots of names come through every single Friday.

The same names.

Names the surprised me and made me smile.

Thank you so so much.

We are so close to $50,000. And with all the projects that are wrapping up this week, I actually think $50,000 might be kind of a low goal.

10 wells.

THOUSANDS of human beings given a basic, life-giving necessity.

A very merry Christmas, indeed...


Amy said...

Yay! That is so great! I am so excited to see a final number for the WHOLE thing....I need patience I guess! :)

Beckysblog said...

Amazing. Powerful.

Candi said...

WONDERFUL and a blessing from above no doubt!! :) Praise be!!!!!

Courtney said...